What is a refillable CBD vape pen?

Any type of vape pen that can be filled with CBD e-juice is referred to as a refillable CBD vape pen. It normally has a tank that connects to a 510 thread battery that can be recharged. They have a basic pen-style configuration and are usually smaller and lighter than the average mod and tank mix. Others are equipped for immediate lung inhalation, while others have a close mouth-to-lung draw.

Another alternative in this segment is refillable pod vapes. These mini vapes can be used to vape CBD as well, despite the fact that they are made for vaping nicotine and are not exactly pen-shaped. They are also discreet and easy to use.

What is a disposable CBD vape pen?

Disposable CBD vape pens are vapes that come with a charger, atomizer, and e-juice that contains cannabidiol. They’re similar to cigalikes, which are little vape pens that look like cigarettes. Disposables are typically designed to last a few hundred puffs until they need to be replaced.

Disposable CBD vapes are a pleasant alternative to CBD cartridges and CBD pods since they do not require the buying of a battery or a compatible pod device. They’re normally draw-activated, which means they only generate vapor when you smoke, and there aren’t any buttons to fiddle with.

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